Suggestion box – first and second conditionals

This is a fun way to review the first and second conditionals, this activity obviously works best if you edit the materials in the worksheet to be more applicable to your clients’ own situations. Step 1. Introduce the idea of Continue reading Suggestion box – first and second conditionals

Simple telephone roleplays

Telephone English is generally uncomplicated and straightforward, there’s a limited set of specific language which needs to be covered, the exception being conference calls which have their own set of challenges. This activity is designed to give students some very general Continue reading Simple telephone roleplays

Total Information Awareness

This is a conversational lesson plan I put together for an online advertising company. Students discuss data privacy and practice writing data mining questions before being given the opportunity to make conditional sentences. Activity sheets PDF / ODT/ Docx

Euphemisms lesson plan

A lesson plan to introduce the idea of using euphemistic speech in a professional environment. Teacher’s notes and activity sheets PDF / ODT / Docx Teachers notes Step 1. Introduce the idea of euphemistic speech. English speakers often use euphemistic speech when talking about Continue reading Euphemisms lesson plan

Gossip – reported speech lesson plan

This lesson takes the theme of gossip to explore the grammar of reported speech. This plan doesn’t include a formal explanation of the grammar of reported speech so how you approach this is up to you. This book comes highly Continue reading Gossip – reported speech lesson plan