What job should I do?

This activity is based on an exercise in a book for job seekers to help them identify rewarding career paths. Make a list of character traits such as these: reliable hard working creative flexible ready to travel good communicator eager Continue reading What job should I do?

Phrasal verb dice game

This is a simple game for practising phrasal verbs. Think of six phrasal verbs that you want to practise. On the board write the six different verbs and six different prepositions in two numbered lists. You will also need to think Continue reading Phrasal verb dice game

Parallel dialogues

I got this idea from the In Company Teacher’s resource book (pre intermediate) which contains plenty of great Business English activities. These following dialogues are split into two columns. In one column the English is somehow incorrect. Students read through Continue reading Parallel dialogues

Mixed up business idioms

Business idioms are part of daily working life. These worksheets allow your learners to see a number of business related idioms in context. First, they should use their prior knowledge and educated guesswork to complete the idioms. Then see if Continue reading Mixed up business idioms